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By Ling | 02 December 2021 | 0 Comments

Real & Unique

Dear customers

We added a new shopping area in the store as a test a few months ago  : Real&Unique

The products in this area are all real shoot. And there is only one inventory. In other words, what you buy and what you receive are what you see in the picture (not including shooting props and sets used, so please read the title and the brief introduction below the title carefully).

The products in this area are carefully selected by us and shot individually. We usually choose fewer or unique products because they are not suitable for bulk sale (such as the new hybrid varieties of succulents, special group plants, or female parent plants, etc.. Or fine products, orphaned goods). In addition, we will choose some products with relatively good appearance (such as succulents with relatively good color and appearance. Of course, you can also choose to buy the same varieties in other shopping area. But the products purchased in other areas are shipped randomly.  And subject to the product attributes in the purchase link. ).

Before purchasing, please read the title and the brief introduction below the title carefully. The number starting with RU below the title contains the shooting date.

Please note: For plants, the state of the plants shown in the picture is the state on the shooting date. Since the plant is alive, its state will change over time, the planting environment, and the transportation environment. So the state of the plants you received may not be exactly the same as the picture shows. But we can guarantee that the plants shipped and the plants in the picture are the same individual. If you want to know more about the current plant state, you can contact us. And we can provide you with the pictures to show the latest plant state. 

(Products in this area will be updated one after another, so please stay tuned)     

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