After-sales service and Policy

We will chose the largest and best succulent to send to you. And we will pack and ship as soon as possible. But it might not same as expected by the time delivered or after planting. So, when they deliver, if there is any problem, please contact me with pictures within 48 hours of delivery. SO, DO NOT THROW THE PACK/BOX. AT LEAST KEEP IT FOR 72 HOURS

For any replacement, we advise refund and encourage costumers to use the money reorder. It is same as replacement. Of course, we can resend. But only once. We can’t bear the loss of replacement again and again or refund after a replacement. For any request of replacement, we can come to an agreement through discussing.

Return and refund:
For succulents, we do not accept any return. Because any return will not be able to resell. For the really exist problem of the delivery, we will check with the tracking information, pictures provided by customers and any other information or situation.
Depending on the fact, we will offer no refund, partial refund or full refund. And depending on the fact, we may also offer your planting advice to let it be easy to plant, recover or survive. And for some situation, we may promise full refund if it is dead in a month.

And we will offer refund for the situations below:
1.Confiscated: We will request pictures for some important information. And depending on the fact, we will refund or not. In such case, please do not throw anything and contact us ASAP.
2.Lost: If there is no new information updated within a month, we will refund.

For example:
you order anything on May.1. If there is no new information updated on the website on Jun.1, we will refund. Then, if last information is updated on May.15, the limit will become Jun.15.

We will not offer any refund or replacement for the situations below:
1.Any problem contacted after 3 days of delivery. The delivery date is subject to the tracking information shown on the website.
2.Any unreasonable cancellation, return, refund or replacement request or Rejection.
3.The tracking information or logistics company definitely indicates that the package/box cannot be delivered due to the personal reasons(including but not limited to the incorrect or incomplete address, no safe place to deliver or failed delivery with a not left.).
4.Any delivery problem for any package/box which has the delivery information shown definitely on the website.
5.Any request or expectation that never be shown in the description, mentioned by customers or agreed by us.
For the situations above, we will consider to offer you other help or advice except refund. There are 3-7 working days for processing. If you want to cancel after purchasing, please contact me within 3 days of purchase. Thank you! Once the package shipped, we will not accept any cancellation request.


The Standards of the Pictures
r picture to show any problem:
1.Use the light paper or light color things as base and take picture with natural light.
2.Do not use the PS picture.
If you want to show some problem through PS or photography method, it will be not helpful to get any money back. We will ask you to provide picture again.

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