1.Why there is no information updated?
When we receive your order, we need business days for processing. Like the succulents. Before shipping, we need to bare the roots and air them. Proper drying can avoid to rot during the shipment. It always take 2-3 days. More or less depends on the situation. It may take more days to dry for rain days, moist weather or watered soil. And the carrier will take the completed package. And in China, it will take at least 2 business days to transfer. If there is a holiday, it needs more days. During the transfer in China, there may be no information updated. When the packages leave China, there will be new information. Sometimes, it is delayed. It depends on the Chinapost. And if there is no information for a long time after purchasing, 2 weeks or more, please contact me. I will track the information for you. Chinapost may also change the tracking number for some reason without informing me.

2.How long will I receive?
It always takes 2-4 weeks to arrive. But more or less depends on the carriers in countries. So we can’t promise exactly.

3.Can I cancel the order?
We have the 3-7 business days for processing. When we upload the tracking number, the order was shipped. So, if you want to cancel the order, please contact us within 3 days of purchasing. We will refuse any cancellation request after these 3 days.

4.I purchased several items. Can you help me to send them together/discretely?
We can send discretely. But if you want to combine, we can try. But if the pack/box is not big enough, we have to send more than 1 package to you. If you have any request for this, please contact us. We will discuss the with you for it.

5.I purchase a wrong item, can you help me to change it to aother?
First of all, if you have these problem, please contact us within 3 days of purchasing. If you want to change a single item to the other item with same price, we may consider to do it for you. But if there are many, we advise you to cancel and reorder.

6.I only receive a part of my purchasing. Why?
Depending on the situation, we may send more than one package to you. We will do memo about how we allot. So, if you only receive a part of your purchasing, please contact me with pictures. We will tell you if there is any more box and offer you the tracking number and tracking information.

7.Item damaged when I receive.
There will be delivered information updated on the website. And if there is any problem when you receive, please contact me with pictures within 48 hours of delivery. Please take pictures about the pack, the shipping label on the pack and the items with problem. We will respond you ASAP. And depending on the fact, we will offer the rational advice.